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Horse Camps

Our horse camps are unlike any other program in the area.  Every child who attends our overnight camps or day camps will have the opportunity to ride a horse, but our specific horse campers will get so much more.  Register your child for a week of resident horse camp and get a horse assigned specifically to your child matching their ability level.  They will then learn how to care for their horse, how to saddle them, the different parts of the horse, not to mention how to ride.  Our horse camps are perfect for the equinne enthusiast in your family.  Learn more about the different programs below.

Resident Horse Camp    Ages 10-14     Multiple Sessions Available

Horse camp is an experience that your child will never forget.  Your child's time at camp will be focused on not only riding horses but also taking care of them as well.  Your child will have a horse that will be theirs for the entire week that they will be brushing, cleaning and learning to ride.  In the afternoon, your child will join back with their cabin and participate in cabin and large group activities with everyone else.  Your child will not be able to thank you enough for giving them this opportunity. 

Y Member: $549
Community Pricing:  $599 
As always, extra financial assistance is available.


Day Horse Camp    Ages 10-12     Multiple Sessions Available

For those campers who are unable to attend our resident horse program, we have day horse camp.  Day horse campers will get the chance to ride horses as well as learn how to take care of their own horse.  In the afternoon they will join the rest of day camp for a swim in our pool. 
Day horse campers will have an amazing experience learning what it really means to take care of their own horse. If your child has asked you for a horse as a birthday present before, this is the perfect gift for them.

Y Member: $299
Community Pricing:  $329
As always, extra financial assistance is available.

Wrangler in Training     Ages 16-17     June 11-30

Wrangler in Training is our most advanced horse program.  Our oldest campers come in for three weeks, going home on the weekends, and work with our horses and our wranglers.  While at camp, they will learn not only how to work with the horses but also how to teach others to do so as well.  After completing this program, these Wranglers will be looked at as our assistant wranglers when they turn 18. We are only accepting three W.I.T.'s so sign up early as they will fill quickly. 

Y Member: $249
Community Pricing:  $299 
As always, extra financial assistance is available.